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SPOKANE, Wash.--The search for an 11-year-old dog, Susie Q, ended Monday night.

Susie Q's owner heard a knock at his door and found Susie on a leash tied to his door knob. He was ecstatic.

Susie Q ran away from her home in early January and the man who found her demanded cash for her return.

People from all over the Inland Northwest offered to help the victim get his dog back.

I keep looking around to see where the dog is at and she's not there, said owner Richard Whiteoak.

The man who found Susie Q wandering the neighborhood saw Whiteoak s number on her collar. He brought the dog by and claimed he had car trouble and needed cash to fix a tire. When Whiteoak offered to pay a shop directly for the work, the man said he would only accept cash and ran off with Susie Q.

I'm worried about whether or not these people will take good care of her, said Whiteoak.

Whiteoak has had Susie Q for years and described her as the light of his life.

She's a companion dog. Ever since my wife passed, she's all I've got here, said Whiteoak.

KREM 2 News viewers offered to drain their own savings accounts to help get Whiteoak his dog back.

Well I'm glad they did but if they really want to help, I'd say they should go down to SCRAPS or SpokAnimal and donate some money to them, said Whiteoak.

He said he hopes his tragedy would generate more funds to help other animal lovers afford a pet. He said despite seeing some true evil in this world, his thought that people are overall good is not shaken.

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