Many men have carved out a space in their home for their hobbies and collections.But one Bellevue man has taken his man cave to a whole new level.

Jay Bergevin partnered with his friend and custom home builder, Kim Schademan, for the project. They transformed an empty pasture next to Bergevin s Bellevue home into a deluxe man cave.

There was no question [Schademan] was guy for the job. And he pulled it off. I'm thrilled, Bergevin said.

The two-story building is a special spot where Bergevin can tinker with his classic cars and hang vintage signs with a sentimental value.It has the staple of many man caves, a flat screen TV. And there are even a few unique features, like an Airstream that s been re-purposed into an office.

I think there's a lot guys who'd love to have this, Schademan said. I ve had a lot of them stop by who said what's that I want one of those.

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