If you're not excited for football season yet, here's the thing that will put you ever the edge... even if you're not a football fan. 5 words: Eli and Peyton Manning RAPPING.

It's called "Fantasy Football Fantasy," and it's three glorious minutes of the brothers rapping about everything they would ever want in their fantasy life, like having a waterfall in the end zone, and a shower of mini footballs.

It's an ad for DIRECTV's Fantasy Zone channel, which, according to the song's lyrics, "is like a fantasy football fantasy." It's a sequel to last year's "Football on Your Phone" music video, now that the brothers potentially have more practice rapping.

Like a stereotypical rap video, there are a lot of dancing girls.

And some bad outfit choices, like chains around the brothers' necks, and awkward pants. Luckily, halfway through the video, the brothers change into suits.

Eli sings about an odd fantasy he has of riding a flying unicorn, and then flying up into space.

Some Jets players make appearances in the fantasy world, as the brothers rap about getting a "Johnson 'do" from running back Chris Johnson. Then former Jets quarterback "Broadway Joe" Namath makes stew with their mom... I guess that's a fantasy?

Three of Peyton's Broncos offensive linemen also have cameos in the video: Orlando Franklin, Ryan Clady and Louis Vasquez.

Personally, I am very entertained by these rap videos, and am hoping for a full album release sometimes soon.

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