PORTLAND -- Have you seen the signs and felt the buzz yet?

Portland is the host for this year's MLS All-Star Game and that's a big deal for the city.

Why? Organizers say it'll bring in thousands of people and those people are spending money. Not to mention some of the world's best soccer players are coming to town.

MLS All-Star Event Schedule

Ask any soccer fan and they'll tell you they're excited about the game on Wednesday, August 6th.

It's one of the biggest games to ever come to Portland. And frankly, who wouldn't want to play soccer in Portland?

Yeah, Portland's definitely Soccer City. It's picking up steam, said Hillsboro resident Cody Hakala.

It's picked up so much steam that this year Portland is host to the Major League Soccer All-Star Game.

Fans like Dana Wilson can't wait.

Portland is one of the most European cities, so we're usually ready for that kind of stuff, said Wilson, a longtime soccer fan. It stands to make a really good match and it'll show where the MLS is compared to the European teams.

The best of the best in the MLS will be playing FC Bayern Munich, which is one of the best teams in the world.

So, it could turn out to be a really, really good match, said Wilson.

That's what organizers are counting on.

It's one of the biggest sporting events ever to come to Portland, the MLS All-Star Game, a week long series of events that really begin Friday night, said Mike Golub, Portland Timbers President of Business Operations.

On Saturday, Pioneer Courthouse Square will have a soccer field, fan activities and autograph sessions with soccer greats.

There will also be celebrity interviews and concerts on stage.

The Flaming Lips will hold a free concert at Waterfront Park on August 3 (It'll be streamed live here). And the Cold War Kids will play a freer concert August 5 at Pioneer Courthouse Square.

I think it'll be great. I remember actually reading something about it a few months back and I was interested then so it might be fun to take the family down and take a look at some of the events, said Hakala.

Everywhere you go around Portland, the signs seem to be up: inside the airport as you check for departures and arrivals and outside as people arrive at Portland International Airport.

Then, there's the Rosenstadt 'til I die massive billboard at the west end of the Burnside Bridge. (Rosenstadt means Rose City, for those of you who don t speak German.)

The game itself will be broadcast in more than 130 countries around the world. It's going to be a really wonderful week, said Golub.

If you'd like a list of the festivities leading up to the game at Providence Park, the Timbers have a full list on their webiste.

Also, tickets are going for a minimum of $183 on StubHub. The cheapest tickets KGW found were $125 each on Craigslist.

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