We all cringe when we hear the words commute and congestion.

And it turns out, we have good reason to hate our commutes.

Portland is the 28th-largest city in the country, but we have the 13th-worst traffic according to INRIX, which keeps the traffic score.

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Experts there say commuters in the Portland metro area waste an average of more than two hours a month sitting in traffic.

It used to take 30, 35 minutes to get home, said commuter Sue Crites, and now it takes, like, an hour.

The worst commute in Oregon is Interstate 5 north from Corbett up to the Tomahawk Island exit, just past Jantzen Beach. At best, that 10-mile drive takes 11 minutes.

But when it s bad, it takes about 50 minutes. The stretch is pegged as the 17th-worst in the nation for commuters, and INRIX shows it has increased by an average of about 10 minutes in just the past four years

Now drivers avoid the stretch if at all possible.

To circumvent the extra hours wasted in traffic, most metro area drivers now have workarounds.

I don t travel on 26 anymore or 217, if I can avoid it, said commuter Tarri Lorence. I take all the back roads and go up old Highway 8 back on to Sylvan.

But those workarounds aren t helping to ease the overall burden. Last year, Highway 26, Interstate 205, Interstate 84 and I-5 south from downtown all joined the list of the country's worst commuter corridors.

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