LAKE OSWEGO, Ore. – Lake Oswego High School suspended ten senior football players for four games for violating school and team policies.

The school did not release specifics about the reason for the punishment, which stem from a retreat for senior players earlier in August.

Coach Steve Coury and Principal Cindy Schubert said they did not hesitate in making the decision to discipline the players.

The ten seniors will also be suspended for three school days. Nine of them are starters. They will be allowed to practice with the team.

The Oregonian reported that a parent of one of the players said his son was suspended over use of marijuana.

Lake Oswego opens its season Sept. 5 against Southridge.

Coury said the players succumbed to peer pressure.

"What we're hoping here is that they just learn from the mistake and the judgement that they made," he told KGW. "There are so many lessons about this that are important, and if they learn from those lessons, it's going to end up being a good thing for us."

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