The NFL's most famous backup quarterback is now the world's most famous aerobics instructor.

In a new spot for Snickers, Johnny Manziel becomes Johnny JamBoogie, an aerobics instructor who looks about as comfortable in front of his class as Manziel does in an NFL pocket.

One has the feeling that "who has a pelvis" will be a common catcall at Browns games this year.

The commercial is a fount of missed opportunities. Where was the Money Manziel sign or references to falling in the draft? Where is anything that could differentiate Manziel at all? Reword the JamBoogie to Football line and any other NFL player could have been starring in this commercial. You've got a Ferrari, Snickers. Take him out for a test drive!

Speaking of other NFL players, why didn't they use an actual Manziel teammate instead of an actor who looks old enough to have been a replacement player during the 1987 strike?

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